A London-based company raised $20.5 million to digitise the construction industry.

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Before that, Sensat additionally increased the sum using the sizable Facebook application. The co-founder of Facebook was involved in this justification, but we are unsure if he is participating this time or not.

Sensat will make effective use of this money and carry out international expansion as well as product development. The company’s CEO is pleased to work with its national grid partners to suit the needs of the customers. The company now operates in the UK and the USA and plans to expand internationally to build out the utility infrastructure by
collaborating with cutting-edge technology based on utility automation.

Sensat is trying to digitize the construction sector and to ensure that projects go smoothly since, once automated, they are much easier to manage. Sensat believes that this is the area where automation will play a critical role in the construction industry. This UK-based business works to support the owner in the construction sector and has a good check and balance to deliver projects on time, which is amazing given that they are consistently making an effort.

Sensat software is incredible since it is totally automated, making it possible to track projects with ease and view them as they are being built. This company has raised a respectable sum of money because of the fantastic technological advancements that have been incorporated into the software.

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