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The Insider Canada is committed to providing high-quality content that showcases the individuals, companies, and ideas shaping our world. We value the contributions of external voices and actively seek their involvement in our mission. Aspiring contributors and freelance writers have two primary avenues to contribute to The Insider Canada and be part of our exciting platform.

Contributors at The Insider Canada

At The Insider Canada, we carefully consider exceptional submissions from external contributors that seamlessly align with our areas of coverage, including Business News, Tech, Finance, Markets, Healthcare, Economy, Transportation, Retail, Media, Real Estate, Leadership, and Careers.

We welcome unique perspectives, thoughtful analysis, engaging commentary, and authoritative advice from our contributors. Our contributors often comprise distinguished experts and influential thought leaders in their respective fields. These may include professors, investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, executives, attorneys, consultants, authors, professional service providers, technologists, and engineers.

All articles contributed to The Insider Canada must be original and exclusive to our platform. However, we do offer the opportunity to republish blog posts or articles that you retain the rights to, through our Dissemination Program. We want to emphasize that we may not accept promotional or sponsored posts, and we expect contributors to disclose any conflicts of interest. While contributors at The Insider Canada are typically not compensated, there have been rare exceptions where contributors receive payment similar to freelance writers.

Freelance writers at The Insider Canada

Aspiring freelance writers are invited to submit pitches encompassing personal essays, diaries, profiles, How-To, reported features, and more. We encourage you to thoroughly explore our website, familiarize yourself with the stories we publish, and avoid duplicating ideas that have already been covered. Creativity is highly valued, and we encourage you to use an The Insider-style headline in the subject line of your email to capture our attention.

Freelance rates at The Insider Canada are determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into account factors such as the extent of research and reporting involved, the length of the article, and the writer’s experience. All freelance pitches must be exclusive to The Insider Canada. We do not accept promotional or sponsored posts from freelancer writes, and it is essential to disclose any conflicts of interest. If your pitch is accepted, the rate will be negotiated through email discussions between you and your editor.

Important Policies to Note

For both contributors and paid freelance writers, a contract is required upon acceptance of a piece. These contracts are renewable annually and may cover multiple assignments.

Please expect that editorial revisions and fact-checking are standard parts of our process. We may request edits, additions, or clarifications to your article. To ensure accuracy, we may ask for tangible proof, such as emails, screenshots, or supporting documentation, to verify any facts or claims made in the article.

If your piece is chosen for publication on The Insider Canada, we may request a headshot, a bio, and evidence of your credentials/ Identity.

At The Insider Canada, we reserve the right to make final decisions regarding headlines. We may update or modify headlines to maximize the article’s reach and resonance with our audience.

In our pursuit of providing exceptional content, we acknowledge the role of technology and artificial intelligence. While content crafted with the assistance of AI can offer unique benefits, we want to emphasize that our articles are not copied from content generated websites such as ChatGPT. Instead, our content benefits from the capabilities of AI, which complement the human expertise and efforts of our team of editors, authors and contributors. We uphold the standards of creativity, originality and authenticity in our content creation process.