Canadian Tire Corporation and Microsoft partner to advance retail innovation in Canada

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Canadian Tire Corporation and Microsoft join forces to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and transform the retail industry in a seven-year landmark agreement.


Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC) and Microsoft have announced a transformative strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing retail operations and advancing the adoption of new technology within Canada’s retail industry. This seven-year collaboration will leverage Microsoft Azure to modernize CTC’s systems and infrastructure, granting access to Microsoft’s trusted cloud products, solutions, expertise, and upskilling capabilities.

As part of the partnership, Canadian Tire Corporation will harness the power of Microsoft’s advanced technology to accelerate business modernization, improve the omnichannel journey for customers, and enhance brand experiences across its group of companies. The strategic move positions Microsoft as CTC’s preferred cloud provider, facilitating the migration of the majority of CTC’s IT infrastructure onto the Azure platform. This shift will enable CTC to leverage data-driven insights, increase speed-to-market, and deliver personalized offers to customers.

The collaboration between Canadian Tire Corporation and Microsoft extends beyond infrastructure modernization, aiming to enhance digital capabilities and foster innovation in the retail sector. Canadian Tire Corporation will gain direct access to Microsoft’s cutting-edge digital technology, expertise, and upskilling programs, empowering CTC to drive innovation, develop talent, and deliver seamless digital experiences tailored to Canadian consumers.

Additionally, the two entities will co-innovate to shape the future of retail in Canada. Exploring opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Canadian Tire Corporation and Microsoft aim to leverage these technologies responsibly to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and unlock new possibilities within the Canadian retail landscape.

Greg Hicks, President and CEO of Canadian Tire Corporation, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing how the collaboration will expedite their digital transformation and drive retail innovation across Canada. The strategic alignment with Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology and expertise will empower Canadian Tire Corporation to achieve stability, scalability, and unlock collective potential for future growth.

Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Microsoft, highlighted the role of technology and AI in reimagining the shopping experience, emphasizing Microsoft’s commitment to helping retailers innovate and better serve customers. Through this strategic partnership, Microsoft will provide the necessary cloud capabilities and AI-driven solutions to meet customer demands and deliver personalized digital experiences to shoppers across Canada.

The collaboration between Canadian Tire Corporation and Microsoft marks an important milestone in Canadian Tire Corporation’s modernization journey. By combining their deep understanding of Canadian consumers with Microsoft’s technological prowess, the partnership aims to propel Canadian retail forward, enhancing operations and brand experiences while driving innovation across the industry.

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